My Hardware

TVs and Monitors

  • Sony BVM Trinitron 1454D: a 14 inch CRT broadcasting video monitor with SDI interface, 4:3, supporting RGB, Component and composite via BNC-inputs. Supports 16:9, overscan, PAL, NTSC, 50/60 Hz. Mono sound.

    • LG 47LW……: a 47 inch LED-backlight Full HD TV, 16:9, featuring separate composite, VGA, component, Scart (RGB), 3x HDMI inputs and 1 USB port. Supports 3D (PS3 and PS4 3D is supported). Stereo sound.
    • LG 55B7D: a 55 inch UHD (4k) OLED TV, 16:9, featuring 4 HDMI inputs and 3 USB ports, supports HDR. Stereo sound.
    • Samsung T24D310ES: a 24 inch LED-backlight Full HD TV/Monitor hybrid, 16:9, featuring combined composite+component, 2 HDMI, SCART (RGB) inputs, USB 2.0 port. Stereo sound.
    • 2x Asus VX279H: a 27 inch IPS LED Full HD PC monitor, 16:9, featuring 2 HDMI and VGA inputs. Stereo sound.
    • 2x Dell: 4K
  • Toguard WR946: a 10,1 inch Full HD monitor, 16:9, with HDMI, composite, VGA and BNC inputs. Stereo sound.
  • Magedok 1332K-2 IPS 2K Quad-HD: a 13,3 inch 2K monitor, 16:9, HDMI. Stereo sound. Powered by USB-C. Directly connected to PS3 via USB and HDMI.
  • Lenco portable LCD: a 10 inch LCD TV, 16:9, featuring a composite and VGA input, USB port.
  • Portable 7 inch LCD monitor: 16:9, Full HD

Video processors

  • RetroTink2x PRO

  • RetroTink2x-Pro Multiformat
  • RetroTink2x-MINI
  • RetroTink2x COMP2RGB
  • RetroTink2x RGB2COMP
  • RetroTink2x-SCART

AV receiver


Gaming Systems

Below are listed all systems, which I own.


  • Atari 2600 (4-switch, composite output via scart modification)


Nintendo Handhelds

Nintendo Game Boy

Nintendo GBA

Nintendo DS

Nintendo 3DS


PC Engine


PlayStation Handhelds


  • Xbox 360 (250Gb) (standard white), output via HDMI
  • Xbox One S (1Tb) (standard white), output via HDMI
  • Xbox Series X (1Tb) (standard black), output via HDMI


FPGA based clones

Cartridge Based Clones

Other Linux based consoles

Other Gaming Systems

Other Handhelds

Other FPGA based consoles

  • MIST v1.3 (black) (+32 Gb SD), output via VGA
  • MiSTer, (+64 Gb Micro SD), output via HDMI


Flash cards

  • Atari 2600: Harmony Encore
  • GB/GBC: Everdrive GB v1, Everdrive GB X7, EZFlash Jr
  • GBA: Everdrive GBA X5, EZ-IV Flash, EZFlash Omega DE
  • Game Gear:  Everdrive GG X7
  • Neo Geo Pocket: Neo Geo Pocket GD
  • Nintendo DS: Cyclo Evo DS, AceCardi
  • Nintendo 64: Everdrive N64 v3
  • SNES: Super Everdrive v1, Super Everdrive v2, SNES2SD Pro
  • Mega Drive/Genesis: Mega Everdrive V1, Mega Everdrive X3, Mega Everdrive X7, Mega SD,Mega Everdrive PRO
  • Dreamcast: GDEMU
  • Saturn: MODE
  • NES: Everdrive N8 x 2
  • Famicom: Everdrive N8, Everdrive N8 Pro
  • PC Engine: Turbo Everdrive v2.5, Super SD System 3
  • PlayStation: PSIO

I also have a variety of controllers, e.g. NES Arcade 8Bitdo NES30 (Super NT, RetroUSB AVS, etc., GameCube Bongos (Gamecube, Wii), Competition Pro Joystick (for FPGA Mist, Atari), NES Power Stick.

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