About Evercade Platform

Evercade is a gaming platform developed by the British company Blaze Entertainment. The goal of Evercade is to revive interest in classic games and provide players with the opportunity to enjoy retro games on a modern device.

Evercade offers a selection of officially licensed games from well-known developers and publishers such as Atari, Namco, Data East, Interplay, and others. The games are available on special cartridges, each containing a collection of games. This allows users to collect games and share them with friends.

The main objective of Evercade is to provide a convenient and accessible platform for retro game enthusiasts and to preserve the legacy of video games. It also attracts new generations of players by showcasing classic games and offering them the chance to learn about the history of the gaming industry.

A key difference from many modern consoles is the release of games on physical cartridges in plastic cases with printed manuals.

Evercade uses emulator programs to play retro games on modern hardware. An emulator is software that mimics the operation of the original gaming console, allowing games to run.

The exact technical details of Evercade’s emulators are not disclosed, but they are based on one or more existing open-source emulators or proprietary software developed in-house. Emulators typically replicate the hardware resources of the original consoles and ensure compatibility with a large number of games released for those platforms.

The platform uses a unified menu across all consoles with various settings (screen format, scan lines, wallpapers) and provides, in addition to the cover, a description of the game, controls, and basic information (developer, release year). Games can be sorted by different parameters. A large number of hidden games and secrets are also embedded.

Thanks to the use of an emulator, Evercade can provide users with the opportunity to enjoy classic games on a modern portable device with improved features and various conveniences, such as save and load functions or customizable controls.

Evercade (Original)

In recent years, retro games have become increasingly popular, with many players looking for ways to relive their favorite gaming memories. Evercade is a portable gaming console that offers a unique opportunity to enjoy classic games on the go. In this article, we will review the main features and advantages of the original Evercade console.

Design and Features: Evercade is a compact portable gaming console with a modern design inspired by classic consoles of the past. The device is equipped with a 4.3-inch LCD screen, a four-way directional pad, A, B, X, Y buttons, and L and R triggers. The console has a built-in battery that provides up to 4-5 hours of gameplay on a single charge.

Cartridge System: Unlike many modern portable consoles, Evercade uses physical cartridges to store games. This allows users to collect and swap games, preserving the value of the original releases. Each cartridge contains a collection of games from various manufacturers, such as Atari, Namco, Interplay, Data East, and others.

Retro Game Emulation: Evercade uses built-in emulators to run classic games on modern hardware. The emulators mimic the hardware resources of the original gaming consoles, ensuring compatibility with a large number of games released for those platforms. By using emulators, players can enjoy their favorite retro games with enhanced features, such as high screen resolution and extended battery life.

TV Support: Evercade also supports connection to a TV via HDMI, allowing users to enjoy classic games on a larger screen. This feature makes Evercade an ideal choice for those who want to combine portable and stationary gaming experiences.

Future Expansions and Updates: Evercade continues to collaborate with various game manufacturers to expand its library of available cartridges. This means players can expect new releases featuring classic and rare games throughout the console’s lifespan. Additionally, Evercade’s firmware can be updated to add new features and improve device performance.

Мини-обзор:In addition to the standard white and limited black models, a limited edition purple version was also released.

(March 2023: The original console received its final update and will no longer be produced. Instead, an updated and improved version, the Evercade EXP, has been released. All future games will be compatible with both the original model and the EXP.)

Evercade VS

Evercade VS is a home gaming console developed by Blaze Entertainment, the same company that created the portable Evercade console. Announced in April 2021 and released in November 2021, Evercade VS is specifically designed for those who prefer playing classic retro games on a big TV screen.

Here are some key features of Evercade VS:

Compatibility with Evercade Cartridges: Evercade VS uses the same cartridges as the portable Evercade console (with the exception of two: Namco Collection 1 and 2 due to licensing conditions). This allows players to use their cartridge collection on both consoles without needing to purchase additional copies of games.

Multiplayer: Unlike the portable Evercade console, Evercade VS supports local multiplayer for up to 4 players. Now, players can enjoy classic games with friends and family using additional controllers.

HDMI Support: Evercade VS connects to a TV via HDMI, providing high-quality image and sound for old games. The console also supports various display modes, allowing users to customize the video to their liking.

Backward Compatibility with Portable Evercade: Evercade VS can be used in conjunction with the portable Evercade console, which can be connected to Evercade VS as a controller. This offers additional options for players who already own the portable console.

Evercade EXP

In 2023, an updated and improved portable model for Evercade was released.

Key Improvements:

  • Enhanced technical specifications
  • Higher screen resolution
  • Additional shoulder buttons
  • Improved IPS screen
  • Ability to switch between horizontal and vertical display modes with extra buttons for vertical mode
  • Built-in games from Capcom
  • Backward compatibility with all games for the original model
  • TV screen output
  • Built-in WiFi module for updates
  • Improved menu

These enhancements provide a better gaming experience, offering more versatility and higher quality for retro game enthusiasts.

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