Retrogaming – This hobby involves playing old video games that were released in the past on vintage gaming consoles or computers. Retro gaming enthusiasts typically use old gaming systems and discs/cartridges to play games they remember from their childhood.

Advantages of Retro Gaming:

  • Nostalgia: Retro gamers can enjoy games they remember from their childhood or youth, replaying them on old gaming consoles or computers.
  • Simplicity: Old games usually have straightforward gameplay without complex controls or intricate storylines, offering a relaxing break from modern games that can be very complicated.
  • Cost: Games and consoles released many years ago can often be found at affordable prices in various markets and auctions (though not always!).

Disadvantages of Retro Gaming:

  • Limited Availability: The selection of games and consoles can be limited, and some games may be hard to find or too expensive.
  • Technical Issues: Old gaming consoles and computers may be incompatible with modern TVs and monitors, requiring additional devices or cables to work properly.
  • Graphics and Sound Quality: Old games may have low-resolution graphics and sound, which might not be as enjoyable on modern devices.

Retromania – This is a project by the author of this site, aiming to revisit many games and look at them from a new perspective. Initially, you will find a brief description of each game, and as the project develops, the author’s comments and evaluations will appear. All games will be reviewed in the context of the time when they were created.

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