CSE — Casio Song Editor

CSE — Casio Song Editor (v.0.5)
For Casio Privia Digital Pianos

This application allows you to create, save and load lists of songs and create a folder with processed (for using with the piano!) files. Some privia digital pianos (like mine PX-350M) allow you to playback WAV-files strored on a flash drive. These files have to be in WAV-format and should be named TAKEXX.wav.cse

With this application you can track the names of the songs (which TAKE is which song?).
All MP3 files from the list can then be converted to WAV and copied to the corresponding target flash drive.

The application creates „AUDIO“ folder in the target drive, creates WAV-versions and copies them there.

More information can be found on the Casio Music Forums (here).

Download (WIN)

Download (Linux)

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